A personal reflection on how Autism affected my life – A WALK IN PARIS -part 1

I adopted my son in 2009 and he was four years old. He came from a neglected background and had been given up by his mother on his birthday. Isaiah had to endure probably more heartache before the age of 4 than I probably will my entire life. I was a new mom and overwhelmed like most new moms, but I noticed Isaiah saw the world and experienced it in a ‘different’ manner. He got overwhelmed in large groups, he would constantly touch others to communicate, he hated when people touched him, flashing lights and loud noises set him off spiraling into a different dimension. I didn’t know what was wrong but I knew he needed help after getting kicked out of PRE-K at my church because he “Might” hurt some other kids. I was at a loss and didn’t know how to help him. Until I talked to my best friend from college one day and she said maybe I should get him tested. So I did and it turned out he was on the “Spectrum” for “sensory integration disorder.” It all seemed greek to me until I started to meet with therapists and getting a plan together to get him some early childhood intervention. Cut to present day, he is mainstreamed at his elementary school and doing really well. I am so thankful for all the resouces that helped me and there was an entire team to help me, help Isaiah. I tell you all this story because I am personally affected by this and believe in therapy and understanding of Austism. That is the main reason I am doing this charity fashion show for The Center of Autism in Dallas.
Here is a brief history on the center and what all they do, it really is so amazing!


Here are just a couple of pictures to show you some of the cool programs they do at the center:





We got together yesterday to do our fitting for the show. We started at 8 am at Anderson Studios in Dallas.
3-16-15 Autism Styleout-149
3-16-15 Autism Styleout-22
The show is “A walk in Paris” and it is theatrical in nature not just your normal runway show. It takes us back to time and place where ladies were really all “put together” and the dresses and gowns were just out of this world fabulous.
3-16-15 Autism Styleout-89
3-16-15 Autism Styleout-8
I am so honored to collaborate on this show with my friends and amazing designers www.binzario.com AND www.paigeanderson.com on makeup and hair.
3-16-15 Autism Styleout-68

3-16-15 Autism Styleout-288 (1)

3-16-15 Autism Styleout-205

3-16-15 Autism Styleout-122

Binzario is designing ONE OF A KIND dresses for each Dallas influencer/Socialite. We have such amazing women who are donating their time to model for this unique show. I will doing a 3-part series on this event, one of which I will be highlighting the fascinating women of the runway….so stay tuned!

thank you to Randy Anderson for all the cool pictures and the use of his studio!

Please click this link and purchase your tickets here:

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Do you want a $1000 shopping spree? We’re for real.


Do you love learning what is in and hot this season? Do you also like free money? If you audibly answered yes and nodded your headed furiously to those questions then you will not want to miss the Cusp event at Neiman Marcus. Held at Cusp Nemian Marcus Willow Bend March 19 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM, we will be talking about all things Spring fashion as well as giving away a $1000 shopping spree!

You will be entered in the drawing for the shopping spree by attending the event, easy enough?
I will be joined by the lovely Jasmin Brand, Ceo and Brand Strategist for BrandPointe Agency to get even further input on whats going on in this crazy fashion world.


Also at this stellar event will be live DJ, Jose Guevara to keep us grooving and sips and bites to keep our blood sugar up as we shop around the fabulous Neiman Marcus. If you’re feeling like you need a little makeup touchup you can head over to the Neiman Marcus Beauty Bar.


We know, it sounds way to good to be true, it almost is! But its totally happening and you should totally be there. You can rsvp at RSVPwillowbend@neimanmarcus.com

If you missed the last great Style Session at Neiman Marcus Willowbend then here’s a little Recap of Ken’s Trends for this Spring.

The New Bohemian


Summer Suedes


All White


No Matching, Just Mixing


We hope to see you there for this fabulous event and maybe YOU will walk away with a shopping spree? We sure hope so!



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Casual Date Night – how to look skinny and effortless without trying too hard!

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Just admit it, sometimes we didn’t “wake up like this” even though we want our man to think we did. It isn’t always easy putting that “effortless” look together for a casual date night without your spanx or being too casual and ending up looking frumpy. So we put together some casual date night looks that look casual but effortless and it doesn’t hurt some of them actually make you look skinnier too!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
Check out the latest segment from Good Morning Texas to see some great date night looks!


2-26-15 FF GMT 0165_

To achieve the “effortless” status we need to avoid layering ourselves up in Spanx. Sometimes we need a little built in support and pants like these from Lysse do the job. You can grab these great jeggings from Oh la la Boutique in Grapevine.

I love to throw on a grey leather jacket paired back with a casual tee with a pop of color like on Leanna with these “instant skinny” pants and you are ready to go! Wedges are hot for spring and these nude wedges from Shoedazzle finish this look off perfectly.


This clean white-on-white look paired back with these denim lysee jeggings popped back with the quilted black and white pump from Shoedazzle is a modern casual date night look. The white-on-white is such a HUGE trend and it always looks clean and modern!

Is it movie date night with your main squeeze? You still want to look cute even if he has seen you at your very worst. So a cute and casual looks like this are the perfect way to achieve both.
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

AND BY THE WAY how adorable is her “boyfriend” necklace she wears with his initial on it to give this look a more “lived in feel”? This kind of personal touch finishes off her look nicely and no one is second guessing who’s girl she is! You can get one too here!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Maybe its a first date or something a little dressier? we need a great little dress that’s flirty but sweet. The long blazer adds a casual touch and is great to have in case we feel a draft and do NOT want to move to the other side of the table.

We still want to dress for our man, so this sexy cool look is just the way to make that happen. These shorts show enough skin to keep him happy. The sheer military blouse is cool chic all the way paired back with these nude strappy shoedazzle heels he wont be able to take his eyes off you! (which is what we want even after all this time together)
2-26-15 FF GMT 0188_

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

shoes, shoes shoes…..shoes make the look and shoedazzle has THE BEST shoes! thank you shoedazzle!

2-26-15 FF GMT 0012_
the cool makeup and hair looks were all done by my co-hort in crime Paige Anderson. You should see us before she gets her hands on us! thanks Paige!

TEAM CHIVVISTYLES – Meghan and Ashli – these models didn’t “wake up like this” these two magical stylist help make it happen every segment!
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Thank you to Paige Anderson for wonderful Hair and Makeup, Randy Anderson for awesome images, and Dragonfly Agency for lovely models!

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what do ponytails, statement earrings and necklaces and being part of a couple have in common?????



So we all know the Oscars were last night and we all have our favorite looks. Above are some of my top looks of the night. Overall, everyone was extremely safe and the carpet was pretty tame. What blew me away were the sub trends that were happening and that is what we are going to talk about here. Only because everyone beats the “BEST DRESSED” list to death and we are all real tired of hearing about all that :)>

So my first Sub Trend was PONYTAILS:
Now, this is such a fresh way to polish your look but still look young and sexy. It can be slicked, middle parted, messy front, high pony or low pony…..any old way to do a pony will do…

Second sub trend was STATEMENT EARRINGS:
Any pony will do as long as you have a serious statement earring game, even if they are different earrings on each ear or an ear cuff like Scarlett….we haven’t seen earrings like this since DYNASTY was the hottest show on TV.

Third sub trend was STATEMENT NECKLACES:
From vintage to modern Parisian green crystal choker …statement necklaces were on everyone and sometimes paired back with huge statement earrings …..throw out the layered minimal necklaces and nearly nothing there necks because BIG IS BACK, BABY!

Fourth sub trend was COUPLED:
Now this is harder to achieve unless you have a bevy of beautifully buff men hanging out in your closet just waiting to be your new accessory, so you might have to work a little harder to achieve this sub trend but I have confidence all you fabulous women can land you some man candy to finish up your red carpet look. The looks should compliment each other for sure for this to work.

Now you have it folks, so go out and make it happen and tell them CHIVVISTYLES sent you…..xoxoxo

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