Hopelessly Devoted to Denim

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Photo Courtesy of Randy Anderson

  Denim is forever and always a staple and eternally classic. So how do you style something that can be so basic to make it look new and fresh every season?

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Photo Courtesy of Randy Anderson

Check out the latest segment of Good Morning Texas,


to see how you can incorporate denim in your outfit in more ways than just your dungarees.


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Photo Courtesy of Randy Anderson


The classic blue denim on denim is so effortless and cool. We promise it is ok to wear mismatched or even matching denim pieces.

10-1-14 FF GMT 159 Jeanette is wearing a Top and hat from ShopSeptember in Snider Plaza, Dallas. 

Photo Courtesy of Randy Anderson

Modern Cozy Denim 

Kelley strutted some super shaping and comfy Slimsation pants in a deep blue hue with a contrasting chambray smock top and oh-so-fall sweater vest by multiples.

 10-1-14 FF GMT 088 Slimsation Pants, Ali Miles Vest and Top
Photo Courtesy of Randy Anderson



 Casual Chic

You can look effortlessly cool and chic in boyfriend jeans paired with the Fall must have, a fringe vest.

10-1-14 FF GMT 324
Top from Multiples, Jeans Slimsation
Photo Courtesy of Randy Anderson 


Edgy Patchwork

Patchwork isn’t just for quilting. Different shades and washes of denim pieces together gives you the DIY look without having to break out the sewing machine. Repurposed denim is cool not only because it looks awesome and lived in but you’re  also being environmentally conscious. Double bonus!

10-1-14 FF GMT 039

 Photo Courtesy of Randy Anderson  



Denim at work? Duh!

Denim is no longer just for casual friday. Dress up a chambray or denim blouse with a navy pencil skirt and heels, or make your look more work appropriate with a ladylike denim pencil skirt.

 10-1-14 FF GMT 136
 Photo Courtesy of Randy Anderson


Flirty Date Night

This vest and dress in the same denim shade look like they were made for each other, just like you and your sweetheart will when you wear this look out!

10-1-14 FF GMT 068 Shoes from Shoe Dazzle
Photo Courtesy of Randy Anderson



Denim for the Dudes

Guys can totally rock denim on denim too, in fact, gals are constantly stealing their favorite guy’s jeans (hence boyfriend jeans!) from their closets because they are just so cool. Pair some tattered pants with a denim jacket, shirt around the waist  and converse for a 90′s throwback.

10-1-14 FF GMT 008 Photo Courtesy of Randy Anderson 



Denim Duds all Dressed Up

How stylish is it to see a guy rocking a chambray shirt and tie with black pants? Well groomed meets rugged. Need we say more?

10-1-14 FF GMT 464 Photo Courtesy of Randy Anderson 


Denim has come a long way since its invention and introduction to fashion and with so many ways to wear it we sure are happy these blue best buds of ours are here to stay!

10-1-14 FF GMT 567


Thank you to Campbell Agency for the lovely models

Thank you to Paige Anderson for Hair and Makeup .


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Fall Fashion’s Most Wanted



Photo by Dyan Kethley Photography

Their are so many trends and “must haves” for fall.  It can be overwhelming when trying to decide what is the most important trends to buy. We’ve  broken it down so you can know Fall’s most wanted trends for 2014 and where to get them!.


Check out the latest style segment on Good Morning Texas here to see the trends in action and to hear some details about the most recent shows at New York Fashion Week!

Leather in a new hue

Leather is always an ultimate staple for fall, but now the classic piece gets a brand new face with colored leather pants, jackets, bags, and more.


Look available from Elements on Lover’s Lane, Dallas



 All about the neck

Turtle necks and funnel neck sweaters are what needs to be around your neck this fall.  Pair it with a sleek pant and you are oh so chic! Maybe just leave the dickies and mock turtlenecks in the back of your closet?


image image

 Photo by Dyan Kethley Photography 

Look Available from Escada in Highland Park Village, Dallas



Winter Pretty Pastels

Winter white now has some friends with confectious candy coated hues hitting the garment racks this Fall and Winter. You can transition that lavender piece from Spring by pairing it with something warm and voila, you have a whole new look for a whole new season.



 Photo by Dyan Kethley Photography
Photo by Dyan Kethley Photography


Look Available from Escada in Highland Park Village, Dallas


Monogrammed Scarves, shirts, and accessories

Are you ever worried you’ll forget your own initials? Well probably not, but maybe you are super proud of them and want the world to know! Either way, we can all take a cue from the Burberry capes and get some of our favorite accessories and even sweater monogrammed with those special letters.


Look available from Elements on Lover’s Lane, Dallas

Robe Coats

What is more glamorous and symbolic of the colder months then a long thick coat? Nothing! They are practical and so stylish and the colors options are endless; camel, black, red? One of each?


Photo by Dyan Kethley Photography

Look Available from Escada in Highland Park Village, Dallas



Fringed Friends

Fringe is here to stay and we are so happy about that we are adding a little sway to our step so everyone around can see our fringe jackets and purses move to the rhythm of our walk. Fringe can be placed on so many different pieces this fall but we love it on a dress or crop jacket to add to the drama of living on the “fringe of society”.

image Photo by Dyan Kethley Photography

Look available from Elements on Lover’s Lane, Dallas


Geometric Kaleidiscopic Prints

Squares, Octogons, diamonds, rhombuses? Geo prints are like wearing something technologically advanced without all the wires and buttons; super sharp lines and edges in great shapes.  You can rock these cool prints head to toe or simply one piece at a time.


Photo by Dyan Kethley Photography image
 Photo by Randy Anderson Photography 

Look available from Elements on Lover’s Lane, Dallas


Now you know what trends you just can not say no to this season! So check out Escada in Highland Park Village or Elements on Lover’s Lane in Dallas, or click the images to know where to get these perfect pieces!


Welcome Fall, our closets are ready for you!


Merchandise provided by Escada of Highland Park Village and Elements on Lovers lane

Follow Jeanette on instagram at @chivvistyles or her website www.chivvistyles.com

Hair and makeup courtesy of www.paigeanderson.com and Stila cosmetics.

Special thanks to Campbell Agency for providing our lovely models.

If you love the color on the models lip then pick up Amour by Stila. image8




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Like, Know, Get it to your closet!

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 3.20.51 PM


Have you been wondering what all this Like to Know stuff is about? Confused on how YOU can like it, and then know? Well Chivvistyles is loving being a part of Like it to Know and we’ll let you in on the not-so-secret new obsession!


The name says it all: when you’re signed up for Like to Know you are able to like a photo on Instagram or through the Like to Know website and then receive the info on how and where to buy! It is as simple as that to shop the looks in the Chivvistyles Instagram!

Here is how to get started:

Firstly, get signed up for Like to Know through the Like to know  website using just your email address. iPhone_1

From there, sign into Instagram and authorize, and you’re all registered!

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 3.47.54 PM

You can follow the LiketoKnow account of fashion bloggers through the website or through Instagram, such as the Chivvistyles page or Instagram.

As you scroll through your feed, you’ll see photos tagged with Liketoknow with a link.




When you see  LiketoKnow in the caption, and you love the look you see, simply like the photo, and you’ll have the product info sent to your inbox and to your LiketoKnow account, easy as that!

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 8.53.58 PM

Once you have the product information then you can decide what to add to your closet or what you want to keep dreaming about. No pressure!

Now having the garments that you see your favorite fashionistas wearing are just a click and a Like away, so sign up today!

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“We don’t ever know whats next, we just know what feels right.”
- Pharrell Williams

What Can’t this Man do?

That is the question I ask myself every time I see his name in the media. Last week Williams launched a permeant collaboration with GStar. He Named his line Raw For The Oceans.

Raw for the Oceans isn’t described as “Bionic Yarn” for nothing! Pharrell partnered with G-Star Raw and created denim made of plastic from the Ocean. They turned recyclables into thread for fabric. There is is no way from the naked eye you would be able to tell! He turned plastic into shorts, pants, jackets and made a print using his unique Octopus recycle symbol.

He even Painted  “Raw for the Ocean,” onto a pair of ripped jeans. As well as “Happy Oceans Happy Life” on a Tee!

How many Artists dress you, while saving the world? My only answer at this moment is Pharrell!





















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