Good Morning Texas: GMT transitioning TREND TUESDAY

IMG_5414 YES! It is 100 degrees outside and we have been on vacay and LA for a work trip! So what is a fashionista to do but get ready to transition from gladiator sandals and crochet cut outs to our NEW fall inspirations from NY fall fashion week. I have to stay inspired so I love this time of year when I can look forward to what is NEXT!
You won’t want to miss this GMT segment with style inspiration for this seasons transition.

Watch Chivvistyles on Good Morning Texas HERE!

Look 1: Intergalatica Chic

IMG_5381Model: Lily Liu Dress: Nicole Kwon, Clover Canyon $268 Heels: Nicole Kwon, Mista Black $295 Bracelets: Elements, Pamela Love Cuffs (x2) $450

The intergalactic style was all over the catwalk for this upcoming fall season. This style is perfect anyone at any age. It is modern and fresh and perfect for our inner geek to make an appearance for fall.

Look 2: Ladylike 60′s

IMG_5387Model: Sidney Jamison Dress: Recreation Label Heels: ShoeDazzle


The 60′s style is back and is more stylish than ever. A great black shift dress like this one from Recreation Label is perfect for a great Jackie O feel without looking dated.

Look 3: Textures, “It Feels So Good”


Model: Shannon Kay Top: Elements, Zimmerman $900 Jeans: Robins Heels: ShoeDazzle, $49.95

Cutouts and textures are a great way to achieve a bold look. It needs to feel good before you wear it out the door this fall! This TO DIE FOR Zimmerman shirt/ dress from Elements is a great mix of both. Patterned and over treated Robins jeans and buckle detailed chunky heels make this effortless SoCal look the bomb dot com this fall.

Look 4: Lions, Tigers, and Bears, Oh My!

IMG_5395Model: Selina Bell Top: Elements, Manning Cartel $399 Skirt: Elements, Manning Cartel $319 Shoes: ShoeDazzle, $39.95 Bracelets: Rubb’s Bracelets, $25

Everyone loves animals, so why not wear them from head to toe! This fall is all about a great animal graphic print from Lions, to Tigers, to Bears.

Look 5: Street Style

IMG_5399Model: Meshae Dress: Recreation Label Vest: Elements, Laveer $519 Heel: ShoeDazzle, $59.95

This seasons new “IT” color is this gorgeous crimson red. With the utility vest and the left of center zippers creates this updated street style look that makes a girl feel like she could really RULE THE WORLD this fall.



A big thanks to the Campbell Agency models!

IMG_6856The Chivvistyles team always having a great time Behind the Scenes!

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Kickin’ it country style with ‘Artist to Watch’, Kaylee Rutland

Bri's Invite

Kyle Wilson and Anne Bowen had the opportunity to go behind the music with rising country star, Kaylee Rutland, and learned what sets her a part in the Country music world.

I recently found myself at the Rustic restaurant in uptown Dallas, fully prepared to experience a large dose of Texas twang and the beer-and-babes lyrical content that so often fills modern country music. My ears were pleasantly surprised to hear something different.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

When Dallas native Kaylee Rutland sings, it becomes easy to forget her age. The 18 year old singer-songwriter brandishes a soulful, fresh sound that is both original and nostalgic. She has performed in such stadium-caliber venues as the American Airlines Center, and her first official music video, “Daddy’s Got a .45,” has garnered a staggering 1.1 million hits on YouTube. One thing is certain – Kaylee Rutland is no wannabe country girl. She is the REAL DEAL!

Following her dazzling performance, Anne Bowen and I had the opportunity to ask Kaylee a few questions regarding her career.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Anne Bowen: What motivated you to pursue a career in country as opposed to rock n’ roll, or any other genre?

Kaylee Rutland: Well, I mean, I’ve grown up listening to country – living in Texas – and then… I don’t know. Especially when I started high school I really got into country music, and so when I knew that this was what I really wanted to start taking more seriously I just… I don’t know, I never considered doing any other genres. I just knew it had to be country.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

You’re originally from Dallas, correct?

KR: Yeah, I live in Dallas and I go to school in Nashville.

Was it really hard to transition all the way to Tennessee?

KR: I was worried it would be – like, I was really really scared before freshman year but… I don’t know. I kept in contact with friends and family really well. It was great!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Kyle Wilson: What would you consider your first big break?

KR:A few years ago, I got a call from someone who said, “Oh, we found your card from this thing when you were thirteen, and we just wanted to see if you were still singing.” They got me hooked up with some writers and producers in Nashville. So I guess it would be when I met up with them and produced my first EP.

What about your music would you say separates you from other country artists?

KR:Well, I know a lot of country is contemporary right now, which is really what I like to listen to and play, but I love traditional country too. What’s different about my music is that I try to put a little bit of traditional country into all of my songs, so you get a good mix of both in there.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Anne: What motivates you to keep writing when life makes you feel stuck? What keeps you going?

KR: When you’re having a terrible day or it’s just really hard, that’s where you get good song material from. You just have to remind yourself, “Hey, I know you’re in a bad mood right now, but this could end really well.” So you just have to stay positive and flip every situation around.

Any advice to the up-and-coming country singers out there?

KR:This might sound a little cliché, but don’t give up, because especially when you’re young and you’re really trying to do what you love… I don’t know. A lot of people just seem to be discouraging sometimes, and you just can’t let it get to you. If it’s what you know you love to do, and you know you’re good at it, and it’s what you want to do for the rest of your life, then I say go for it!


Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Kaylee Rutland’s music is available on her bandcamp pageas well as iTunes and Amazon.

Her new EP, “Good Day To Get Gone,” will be available July 21, and can be pre-ordered here.

-Kyle Wilson

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Good Morning Texas: What Not to Wear

jc collage


We have all been guilty of a “what not to wear” catastrophe at least once in our lives. Getting caught at the grocery store when we least expected it, or worse, ending up in a photo on Facebook in your worst what not to wear outfit. Today, our style expert Jeanette Chivvis from is here to give everyone a checklist of what not to wear EVER again!

Check out my GMT segment HERE!

1. Stop pretending exercise gear is REAL clothing 



2. Stop confusing leggings as jeans


3. Retire anything that makes you feel way too young or too old





4. Do pick a decade to inspire your style (BUT DON’T OVERDO IT)



IMG_4315(Better way to incorporate decades into your look)


5. Try subtle allure instead of straight-up sexy





6. Keep the crocs and flip flops for the beach, pool, and gardening ONLY



7. Stacked kabbalah and friendship bracelets date your look


8. Round toe pumps are NOT attractive and date your look



(Better way to wear to wear a round toe pump)

9. BURN the “hammer time” pants


10. Instead of trying to hit every trend, Dress for your fashionality and shape


If you are a Triangle Shape your best friends are a cardigan and a flare pant. Stay away from tight fitting tops and slim jeans. The tighter the clothing the more your shape looks unbalanced

If you are a Circle Shape, your body needs structure. Showing off your neckline and a little leg goes a long way. When picking an outfit lean more towards a fitted blazer and draped top, rather than an oversized cardigan.

If you are a Hourglass Shape stay away from waist belts and focus more on simple tops with scope necks. Make sure you have a pencil skirt in your closet at all times, this style makes your body shape look its best.

If you are a Ruler Shape, ruffles compliment you perfectly. Stay away from boxy styles and patterns, and focus more on round shaped clothing. High-waist jeans and shorts look perfect on your shape and add flair to any outfit.

If you are an Inverted Triangle, make sure to stock up on V-necks and printed skirts. Keep the jewelry and accessories minimum on top and add a pop of color on your shoes to even out your shape and draw the attention to the right areas.

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Effortless Vacay Must-Haves

Planning a summer vacation and not sure what to pack? Stress no-more, Chivvistyles has put together the top 6 effortless vacay must-haves to make your packing a little bit easier!


Photo Courtesy of: Vogue

1. Bold Lipstick

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 10.32.47 AM

Photo Courtesy of: Nordstrom

A bold lip is perfect to add a little pizazz to any outfit. On vacation is always a great time to try out new makeup tricks. Want to try out your new YSL lipstick? Make sure to pack it, along with a few basic clothing pieces to make the perfect vacation look.

Summer lipstick picks: YSL Corail in Touch, Dior Kiss, Too Faced Candy Burst

2. Scarf


Photo Courtesy of: Kate Spade

At least one printed or solid scarf is always a great item to pack for the summer. This may sound crazy, but sometimes even being at the beach may be a little chillier than you expect. A scarf can keep you warm and makes a casual outfit look more put together. Also scarves don’t take up much room in your luggage, so you’ll still have a little extra room to take your favorite pair of sandals.

Summer scarf picks: Kate Spade Breakfast Scarf, Halogen Wayward Stripes, Tory Burch

3. Back-Up Mobile Charger



Photo Courtesy of:

Love to Instagram, Tweet, or Pin while on vacation? I sure do! Sadly these lovely social media apps drain your battery, and quick. I always pack my extra battery charger and it has yet to not come in handy. It’s also so small you can just throw it in your makeup bag or purse.

More mobile chargers can be found at: , Urban Outfitters, Mophie

4. Waterproof Mascara


Photo Courtesy of: Nordstrom

As the temperature begins to rise, I always make sure I have at least one tube of waterproof mascara in my travel bag. Just because the mascara is waterproof doesn’t mean you have to just wear it when you’re in the water. Waterproof mascara is great to use when you are outside in the heat and humidity on vacation, and with so many brands to choose from you might just find your new favorite everyday mascaras.

Waterproof mascara picks: Smashbox, Lancome, Dior

5. Luggage Tags

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 11.50.48 AM

Photo Courtesy of: Kate Spade

I have yet to travel anywhere without a luggage tag. Even if you are not boarding a plane it’s always a great idea to have each piece of your luggage marked with some form of identification. If you happen to leave your luggage at the hotel, parking garage, or just laying on the beach it’s easier to claim when it has your name on it. The best part is most luggage tags are cute and cheap.

Luggage Tag picks: Kate Spade, Abas, Pop-In

6. Mini Bag


Photo Courtesy of: Nordstrom

Mini bags are excellent for vacation, they are the perfect size to hold all of your necessities without getting in your way. A mini bag also dresses up a casual outfit and can take a day look to a night look instantly. With so many different colors and patterns to choose from, a mini bag is sure to make a statement while on your vacation.

Mini Bag picks: Rebecca Minkoff, Kate Spade, Zara

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