A love letter to TEXAS our TEXAS courtesy of CHANEL!



What a week! Our great state and city has experienced a historical event with the amazing Chanel show at Fair Park on tuesday. I was so blessed to have been able to go and experience it in person.



It was a three part show, starting with a full on Drive In movie theatre created inside a building in Fair Park. The guests sat in the cars to watch the Chanel film. They created an entire 50’s theme with the car bops, corn dogs and candy stripers. Then after the film everyone was guided over a bridge Chanel had built exclusively for the show that lead guests to the show that was exhibited in a huge Rodeo feel Arena. It felt as though I was at the Houston Livestock show and Rodeo!













The looks were so beyond my vocabulary I can’t even put into words how on trend and amazingly styled this looks were. So I am just going to show you my favorites from the show! Everything from denim, prints and texture to major layering and a bit of BLING! True TEXAS feel with a right on trend and modern approach.
All pictures are courtesy of CHANEL.

The show in my perspective, was a love letter to all things TEXAS. I feel that CHANEL was paying true homage to our great culture and state. I think this is an amazing honor to have the most famous designer of ALL TIME come to our state and show such love and appreciation for our way of life. Chanel pumped in millions of dollars into our local economy as well for this one night event. Dallas is always yearning to be recognized as one of the major players in the fashion game and this was our opportunity to show the world that we are!


Oh what a night! The food, the fashion and the fabulous people watching! Fashion’s elite were all in attendance and it was cool to meet them! Plus getting caught up with all my Dallas fashion folks was great too!

I count my blessings everyday! God is soooo GOOD ALL the time! Thank you Lord, for blessing me and for BLESSING TEXAS with this amazing CHANEL show! Amen!


All images courtesy of CHANEL.

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One Response to A love letter to TEXAS our TEXAS courtesy of CHANEL!

  1. The images were Fab and you you speak in a tone that is well deserved.

    Love it Chivvistyles

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