A personal reflection on how Autism affected my life – A WALK IN PARIS -part 1

I adopted my son in 2009 and he was four years old. He came from a neglected background and had been given up by his mother on his birthday. Isaiah had to endure probably more heartache before the age of 4 than I probably will my entire life. I was a new mom and overwhelmed like most new moms, but I noticed Isaiah saw the world and experienced it in a ‘different’ manner. He got overwhelmed in large groups, he would constantly touch others to communicate, he hated when people touched him, flashing lights and loud noises set him off spiraling into a different dimension. I didn’t know what was wrong but I knew he needed help after getting kicked out of PRE-K at my church because he “Might” hurt some other kids. I was at a loss and didn’t know how to help him. Until I talked to my best friend from college one day and she said maybe I should get him tested. So I did and it turned out he was on the “Spectrum” for “sensory integration disorder.” It all seemed greek to me until I started to meet with therapists and getting a plan together to get him some early childhood intervention. Cut to present day, he is mainstreamed at his elementary school and doing really well. I am so thankful for all the resouces that helped me and there was an entire team to help me, help Isaiah. I tell you all this story because I am personally affected by this and believe in therapy and understanding of Austism. That is the main reason I am doing this charity fashion show for The Center of Autism in Dallas.
Here is a brief history on the center and what all they do, it really is so amazing!


Here are just a couple of pictures to show you some of the cool programs they do at the center:





We got together yesterday to do our fitting for the show. We started at 8 am at Anderson Studios in Dallas.
3-16-15 Autism Styleout-149
3-16-15 Autism Styleout-22
The show is “A walk in Paris” and it is theatrical in nature not just your normal runway show. It takes us back to time and place where ladies were really all “put together” and the dresses and gowns were just out of this world fabulous.
3-16-15 Autism Styleout-89
3-16-15 Autism Styleout-8
I am so honored to collaborate on this show with my friends and amazing designers www.binzario.com AND www.paigeanderson.com on makeup and hair.
3-16-15 Autism Styleout-68

3-16-15 Autism Styleout-288 (1)

3-16-15 Autism Styleout-205

3-16-15 Autism Styleout-122

Binzario is designing ONE OF A KIND dresses for each Dallas influencer/Socialite. We have such amazing women who are donating their time to model for this unique show. I will doing a 3-part series on this event, one of which I will be highlighting the fascinating women of the runway….so stay tuned!

thank you to Randy Anderson for all the cool pictures and the use of his studio!

Please click this link and purchase your tickets here:

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