Accessories In the Nude competition educates and embraces future design STARS!

A girl can NEVER have enough accessories! Accessories can make or break the look. They really are essential in defining our unique style and expression of ourselves to the world. That is why I am so excited to be involved with this years Accessories in the Nude Competition . I am so completely honored to return a second year as a judge.

I am very careful to criticize or give design direction to artists. I have huge respect for fellow artists and I never want to impede their process. However on the business side of that, I have had my own line, my own boutique, represented many designers and shop constantly for my tv segments or fashion editorials so I do have my finger on the pulse of what consumers want and are responding to currently in the market.

I try to stay focused on the marketability of the product, value, target demographic and the need or saturation of a certain product and deliver guidance and direction based on those criteria.

Me at the event last year:)

The woman who created this amazing event is Meko Krout-King. She is a visionary and such a beautiful person inside and out! The creative director and fashion producer is our beloved, Willie Johnson. Willie has helped launch so many models and designers in this town that I would need an entire blog to list everyone!

Lisa Petty is hosting this years competition from DFW style daily. The panel of judges include me, Shona Che’re Gilbert by Shona, Blair Underwood from An Intimate Place, Amy Coffee and Amy Claro from Accessory Concierge. What a diverse group of professionals and I am so honored to be a part of the mix!

AIN simulates the feel of an eclectic range of fashion, accessories, art, and business. It will highlight the hottest apparel from new, established, and celebrity designers.

Accessories in the Nude is a three part event composed of a Business Seminar (where we educate designers on how to create a line sheet and business plan), Accessory Designer Competition, and last the Fashion showcase where we announce the winner of the Designer Competition.

The event provides a forum for designers, models, and buyers to meet in a marketplace, and for fashion writers/editors to cover this large, fresh event in Dallas.

Brooke Reynolds – AIN 2014 designer

AIN has partnered with the North Texas Thyroid Awareness Foundation Inc.’s and a percentage of each ticket sales will be donated to the Foundation. The Foundation’s goal is to be the voice of the many women and men who suffer from Thyroid Disease and have yet to be heard. For this reason, The North Texas Thyroid Awareness Foundation Inc. was created. Thyroid disease is a medical condition impairing the function of the thyroid gland which regulates the body’s metabolism. This disease can wreak havoc on the body’s ability to produce energy, build muscle, and regulate body temperature, produce hormones and much more.

Emme Designs – AIN 2014 designer

Megan Brigham – AIN 2014 designer

Kanupriya Pande Designs – AIN 2014 designer

Therefore, the North Texas Thyroid Awareness Foundation Inc. strives to educate citizens on the different diseases covered by thyroid disease. The NTTAF cannot stress enough just how critical it is to have your thyroid tested. The main goal of the foundation is to insure that thyroid testing becomes routine during annual checkups. The minor inconvenience of a blood test could have a major effect on one’s life. The foundation encourages people to speak up at their next annual checkup and ask for a quick screening of the thyroid.

Terri Datcher – AIN 2014 designer

Noella Kalambay Designs – AIN 2014 designer

You can’t miss this amazing event for an even more special cause! Here are the details below so you can mark your calendar now!


Ashlee Long – AIN 2014 designer

Love, light and RED lipstick!

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