“We don’t ever know whats next, we just know what feels right.”
Pharrell Williams

What Can’t this Man do?

That is the question I ask myself every time I see his name in the media. Last week Williams launched a permeant collaboration with GStar. He Named his line Raw For The Oceans.

Raw for the Oceans isn’t described as “Bionic Yarn” for nothing! Pharrell partnered with G-Star Raw and created denim made of plastic from the Ocean. They turned recyclables into thread for fabric. There is is no way from the naked eye you would be able to tell! He turned plastic into shorts, pants, jackets and made a print using his unique Octopus recycle symbol.

He even Painted  “Raw for the Ocean,” onto a pair of ripped jeans. As well as “Happy Oceans Happy Life” on a Tee!

How many Artists dress you, while saving the world? My only answer at this moment is Pharrell!





















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