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After years of styling celebrities and major models from LA to Dallas, I am finally launching my personal styling division, Chivvis et cie. My styling roster includes Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Kyle Richards, Emmitt Smith, Mark Cuban and more.

I have people ask me all the time for style advice and also to help them elevate their look or update their wardrobe, so now I will have an app, website and a personalized service to bring the fashion to the people!

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I know that fashion and style are completely attainable for all who desire it and want to bring my eye and vast experience to the closets of those who want or need help in elevating their look and remodeling their style!

Chivvis et Cie personal styling is a new answer to any styling dilemma you may have, offering a variety of services that are catered to your style needs.


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With a comprehensive style menu, their are a variety of services available to best fit your style needs. Whether it be the need for style assistance for a one time event or full personal shopping attention, their are a variety of options.

We will also offer gift cards, it is a GREAT gift for Christmas, Birthday or Mother’s Day for someone who wants a makeover but doesn’t know where to start.

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To truly figure out what you may need, a short questionnaire is given in which we gain a little insight into you and your current closet.  Once we learn a bit about you, then a Chivvis et Cie stylist will meet you for a style chat. They can get to know you, determine your fashionality, and develop a unique style plan that will best work with your schedule, needs, and desires of your stylist experience.

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Sometimes a great outfit can make your day just a little brighter; along with the realization that the person inside the clothes totally deserves a look that embraces their personality and that tells the world about who you are no matter where you are.

Chivvis et Cie takes away any stress in developing a wonderful collection of garments and replaces it with a thoughtful and cooperative experience centered around making a new wardrobe reflective of who you are!

Visit for more details about personal styling services


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