Ethereal Beauty

That is how I describe Remy Ryan, the gorgeous model in this editorial. She not only looks like an angel, but is also so sweet and has such a rich inner beauty that is other worldly.

It was a rainy and lazy sunday afternoon when we shot this at Anderson Studio. I was exhausted from a very busy week of styling and a huge fashion show. However, I was extremely excited to work with this team of amazing artists and talent. So I drank some green tea with ginseng and forged ahead!

We shot this as a submission for a bridal magazine, so I am looking forward to seeing this in print!

Dixie Dixon was the Art Director/Photographer and she had such a clear and organized vision for what she wanted to accomplish. Dixie is the first photographer I worked with in Dallas, after moving back from LA. Four years later we are still working and creating together. She is so encouraging on set to the talent and crew.

The wardrobe was provided by Edgar Gomez, a local Dallas designer who I absolutely adore. I love styling with such amazing designers who’s passion comes through in every detail of their design. You can see his love of design and creative vision pouring out of every seam of his work. It inspires my work as a stylist too!

I  loved creating the headpieces out of fresh flowers! In my other life I would own a local flower shop…..can you imagine the smell of gardenias everyday?

The jewelry was designed by Paulette of Allie Coosh. Her jewelry is also inspired and off the beaten path! I love design that grabs my attention and challenges me to use it in different ways in my styling.

Paige Anderson was the make-up artist who is a very dear friend of mine who I love to work and collaborate with any time I get the chance too. She has always been there for me and has helped me so much since moving back to Dallas.

Megan Waldmeier Tyler was the hairstylist who I just meet on set and was a pleasure to work with!

Check out behind-the-scene footage of the photo shoot!

Lorenzo Wallace was the videographer who shot the BTS video and is extremely helpful and knowledgable on set.

We had such an amazing time and shot for 8 hours. I honestly was energized at the end of the shoot. I love that we shot it at Anderson Studio because everything is right at our fingertips and Paige and Randy are so hospitable to everyone that comes in their doors.

This is my life….working with beautiful people, beautiful designers and creating beauty with a team of inspired artists at a place that nourishes creativity! I am blessed!



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    I love you and love working with you. so far this is my favorite shoot.

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