Frugal Fashionista: Cozy & Chic Layering on a Budget


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It is hard to figure out what to wear these days when it is 35 degrees in the morning and 85 degrees by 3 pm.  Layering can be tricky because you don’t want to look larger than to are but you also want to be warm.  You also don’t want to appear frumpy or not put together.

Here are some style guidelines when it comes to layering:

1. Only do 3 layers – don’t over layer, this includes a jacket or a coat.

2. Start with the thinest fabric as your first layer.  The thickest fabric is the one on top.

3. Belt sweaters or use blazers that are cinched in at the waist- it gives you more of a shape.

4. If doing a large Oversized sweater or coat, do a skinny silhouette on the bottom.  Watch the proportions and keep the balance.

5. Use vests, thin cardigans and novelty tee shirts to layer over long sleeve base tops. It gives it an updated and chic feel to the look.

6. Try a thick muffler or an infinity scarf instead of a straight scarf.  Less fussy and more on trend.

7. Don’t be afraid to pull out that spring dress and winterized it with layered long socks and a cool jacket.  Multiple- season dressing is easy on the pocketbook!

8. Buy a bold or printed glove that adds a pop of interest to your look.

9. Try a cloche hat or an updated shape to wear when it is super cold or when you don’t have time to mess with your hair.

10. Stay away from real bulky sweaters and coats if you have multiple layers.  There isn’t a need for bulky sweaters or coats if you layer properly.  It is way more flattering to layer than wear a bulky coat and cover up all your fabulousity underneath!


Paige Anderson, TJMaxx and Marshall’s, Campbell Agency, Davis Pr Group, Randy Anderson Photography.


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3 Responses to Frugal Fashionista: Cozy & Chic Layering on a Budget

  1. kay says:

    name of store from this weeks GMT episode – fat low heel shoes from I think a shop in The Villages worn with black dress.

    THANKS !!

    • 2012-09-18 says:

      That is from Nicole Kwon boutique. She is located in the West village in uptown dallas off mckinney! Tell her I sent you!

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