Get your GLAM on this holiday season with fur, fringe, shine, metallics and menswear!

The Holidays give us the perfect excuse to pull out the furs, turn up the sequins and brush on the red lipstick once a year! Why not go full stop GLAM when attending your holiday parties this season?

Firstly, check out the latest segment of Good Morning Texas here


…to be inspired by some divine holiday looks. Secondly check out what our models worked in front of the camera that you can have all for yourself by clicking the thumbnails below the images!

From the office to the party


Whether you just have no time to get home after work before you’re party, or you only like the idea of changing in a telephone booth a’la Superman and not the reality of that, outfits that go from day to night or so simple.

This Elements jumpsuit can start the day off with a pretty floral blazer and easily transition to evening party mode with a fur vest. Brianna shows us how to work it both ways!

Shine on

It is the holiday season;let us repeat, It is the holiday season so you can sparkle and shine and wear as many sequins as you want! Don’t not be afraid to sparkle more than usual. Jennifer stuns in this floor length gown complete with a little train and a lotta drama!

This absolutely stunning gown by Binzario Couture is for any special occasions that really call for some drama or where you can be absolutely fabulous. With such an unbelievable gown on, people may forget what they are even celebrating.

Dapper for the dudes



We can’t forget the men this holiday season! A great suit or ensemble can take a fella from 0 to 60 so quick. Andre` Phillipe custom suitings is THE answer for all your suiting and Men’s apparel needs. Jason and Andre, founder and VP of Andre Phillipe’, modeled how to be the suave guy at the party. Fellas, take note. Please.


Metallics and more
Metallics are more than just the tinsel on our tress this season, they are totally acceptable in a gorgeous gem like this fringed front dress that lovely Tarryn is wearing from Elements. Perfect with or with out a fur jacket like this one, also from Elements.

Modern sleek

Being modern and sleek this holiday season is way easier then you think. A shining silver a line dress with an epic neckline and the perfect amount of color makes this so modern and now. This divine ensemble from Elements is perfect for your New Year’s Eve parties as well as later in the year when you’re feeling sassy. Vanna Collins struts her sleek self in this fab look.

ALl in all, Holiday glam doesn’t always mean Red sequin. You can have so much fun and really think outside the box.

ENTER our GMT GLAM HOLIDAY MAKEOVER GIVE-A-WAY by commenting on our blog and tell us why you deserve a full head to toe GLAM MAKEOVER from Chivvis et Cie , Paige Anderson and BeGlammed. We will come to you and do all the work making your holiday party as effortless and fabulous as it should be!
Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 4.00.23 PM

Thank you to Paige Anderson Hair and Makeup and Randy Anderson for all photos!

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One Response to Get your GLAM on this holiday season with fur, fringe, shine, metallics and menswear!

  1. Raven Vincent says:

    Hello, my name is Raven Vincent, and I am an international studies major at the University of North Texas as a senior. I work two jobs and go to school full time. Usually, around this time of year, I have the time and the money to look decent for the holidays. This year, however, I have spent time and money on my family ( I live in a house of 6) and school (especially after my family was recently involved in a horrific car accident, and I have had I take a more proactive role financially). I have a passion for Hollywood-like fashion, but have no resources to back up that love for expressing myself through clothing. For these reasons, I believe (and hope that you believe) that I deserve to have a full head-to-toe makeover this holiday season.

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