Good Morning Texas: What Not to Wear

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We have all been guilty of a “what not to wear” catastrophe at least once in our lives. Getting caught at the grocery store when we least expected it, or worse, ending up in a photo on Facebook in your worst what not to wear outfit. Today, our style expert Jeanette Chivvis from is here to give everyone a checklist of what not to wear EVER again!

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1. Stop pretending exercise gear is REAL clothing 



2. Stop confusing leggings as jeans


3. Retire anything that makes you feel way too young or too old





4. Do pick a decade to inspire your style (BUT DON’T OVERDO IT)



IMG_4315(Better way to incorporate decades into your look)


5. Try subtle allure instead of straight-up sexy





6. Keep the crocs and flip flops for the beach, pool, and gardening ONLY



7. Stacked kabbalah and friendship bracelets date your look


8. Round toe pumps are NOT attractive and date your look



(Better way to wear to wear a round toe pump)

9. BURN the “hammer time” pants


10. Instead of trying to hit every trend, Dress for your fashionality and shape


If you are a Triangle Shape your best friends are a cardigan and a flare pant. Stay away from tight fitting tops and slim jeans. The tighter the clothing the more your shape looks unbalanced

If you are a Circle Shape, your body needs structure. Showing off your neckline and a little leg goes a long way. When picking an outfit lean more towards a fitted blazer and draped top, rather than an oversized cardigan.

If you are a Hourglass Shape stay away from waist belts and focus more on simple tops with scope necks. Make sure you have a pencil skirt in your closet at all times, this style makes your body shape look its best.

If you are a Ruler Shape, ruffles compliment you perfectly. Stay away from boxy styles and patterns, and focus more on round shaped clothing. High-waist jeans and shorts look perfect on your shape and add flair to any outfit.

If you are an Inverted Triangle, make sure to stock up on V-necks and printed skirts. Keep the jewelry and accessories minimum on top and add a pop of color on your shoes to even out your shape and draw the attention to the right areas.

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