GOOP Pop; funny words, serious style


Curating (Yes, I know the word curated is grossly overused, but saying and typing it is just so much fun!) the perfect collection of what you may need in your closet, home, workspace and ideas for nearly everything: This decently describes GOOP, but doesn’t really tell how thoutful and detailed not only the publication is, created by Gwyneth Paltrow, but also the delightful pop up shop in Highland Park Village that Dallas gets to house for the next month.


With the lovely collaboration with Monique Lhullier as well as splendid little designer pieces spread throughput the clean yet warm space at 3 Highland Park, the GOOP pop up shop is perfectly timed for the holiday season and definitely worthy of a visit for so many pretty goodies.




Chivvistyles had the opportunity to attend a sneek peak of GOOP and had the awesome opportunity to speak with Gwyneth for just a moment, welcome her and her ideas to Texas and snap a photo. If you weren’t told of Gwyneth’s presence at the event you may not have noticed her, not beecuase she is not a glowing beautiful lady of style, but because she just seemed like one of the gals, genuine and down to earth, just excited to see the store like everyone else there. Even her outfit was cool, chic and effortless. Nice to realize that this Oscar winner can be in Dallas and not be pretentious or above anyone, espescially in Dallas, where pretention seems to be a catching epidemic at times.



The Dallas aesthetic was achieved with master taste and the placement of the store and merchandise was, once again, pretty darn well CURATED. Well done GOOP, welcome to Dallas!


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