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It is easy to stress out when deciding on what to pack for vacation: how much to bring, or whether you should go shopping, and end up spending even more money.

I used to go shopping every time I went on vacation and would end up buying extra clothes I really didn’t need or didn’t even wear.  Packing also produces huge anxiety for me because I always want options, but I learned I had all the options I needed in 8 fundamental pieces.  I was leaving to go on vacation and decided to do a segment on it.  I went to target and picked up the pieces I needed, all under $100 spent TOTAL for 18 different looks.  That comes out to $5.55 per look!  Now that is what I call frugal!
I called my assistant, Elizabeth to come over and model.  She brought her camera and I shot it and threw the looks together in 30 minutes.  I think it is important to keep it simple when going on vacation with a no fuss styling philosophy.  I did this with clean and simple lines, easy styling but with colorful and different textured accessories to polish off the look.

Pieces you need to make interchangable wardrobe easy:
1. Tank top
2. Lightweight cardigan/ blazer
3. A pair of shorts or cropped pants
4. Short skirt
5. Tee shirt dress
6. Bathing suit
7. Maxi skirt
8. Sleeveless top or lightweight vest

These eight pieces provide a great foundation to build different looks with.

*Things to remember:
1. Lightweight fabrics are best.
2. Roll up pieces so they aren’t wrinkled. You are on vacation, you don’t want to iron!
3. Dont skimp on undergarments: bring extras since you will be interchanging your wardrobe.
4. Be creative with the use of the pieces.  Think outside the box when putting them together. I.e. use the bathing suit top as a bandeau under the cardi or sleeveless chambray shirt.  Use the long black maxi as a tube dress.
5.  Put the looks together before so you wont even have to think about it on vacation.  Create a file : styles for vacation on your phone.
6.  Keep the major pieces neutral, easier to match and interchange.
7.  One pair of nice flip flops, sandals and maybe tennis shoes.  Shoes are bulking so only take what you need.  Wear one while you travel so you only need to pack two.

Have you started planning your Labor Day getaway yet?

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