The last 6 months for me personally and professionally have been overwhelming. I have been through a lot – good and bad. However, today I am not complaining. I am celebrating because God had to do some major “road work” before He could move me on toward His plan for my life. Way before I was CHIVVIStyles, I was a daughter of the KING! But sometimes in life, we get busy with all the craziness of this world and forget about our calling. So you see, He had to remind me who was in control. When I fell ill and couldn’t breathe or walk trust me, I got the message LOUD and CLEAR. I am a very stubborn person and strong willed at best. My spirit is free and rebellious at heart. SO there are many times I wrangle with Him. I have to be reminded I am NOT my own but I am HIS. He created me and He destined me for His purposes.image7 - Copy (2)
He had to do some major re-construction on my world and the stuff in my life. He showed me what was important and what was creating confusion in my life. He got real busy revealing which people that weren’t really “on my side.” In the process, He also added some amazing people and amazing opportunities that I have desired my entire life. It was a definite construction zone and there were some days I just didn’t know which way to go or how long I would have to “wait in this traffic” because of the construction. 9622-ea_be%20still%20and%20know%20that%20I%20am%20God
But today 6 months later I feel pure joy and assurance in my life I haven’t felt in a very long time. Joy in knowing I don’t have to hustle, worry, manipulate or anything else in my life to get where I need to be. I know HE will finish it the way He intends to and He is working for me. I just have to remain in HIS will for my life and trust Him to guide my footsteps. I am filled with thankfulness this morning as I realize the real freedom in living that I have in Christ Jesus. It creates a security and peace in me and fills with me with real joy. Joy not from my circumstances but from my identity in HIM. It gives me a peace that is NOT realistic for the worlds standards but it is super natural. I hope today if you are reading this that you will be blessed and realize Jesus loves you and He isn’t through with you yet. Your future may seem uncertain, but He wants to help you, guide you and most important He wants to LOVE you! Allow Him who created you and knew you before you were even born to hold you in HIS arms and take care of YOU today!

In light and love of Christ,

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