#ITSONLYFASHION – The NEW Girl POWER Movement started by BB Dakota


I am so IN LOVE with BB DAKOTA and their new attitude towards their consumer and the market. We are so overwhelmed with marketing and branding, I think the new hashtag #ITSONLYFASHION is brilliant and something real and refreshing. It resonates with so many of us who are just tired from the exclusive and restrictive nature of fashion.
I hope this movement catches on as this is a call to action to get free and weird, to engage with culture, and to live well! It emphasizes that the clothes you wear are only as important as the LIFE YOU LIVE IN THEM!
Petra Collins has created these series of beautifully directed short films that capture her and her friends on a real Americana road trip through the deep south. You can see them HERE She paints an intimate portrait of the vulnerability and discovery so essential to growing up as a girl in America. “My work is about being yourself and being empowered. I think it is really important for girls to realize that they can do whatever that want, in whatever field they want. That is what I do” Collins stated. “This trip has been really special because I’ve always wanted to create something that I would’ve liked to have seen when I was younger. I used to dance so making dance films about girls seems like the perfect combination”

I am so about girl power and just being who God created you to be. This self-acceptance and positive body image is something we ALL need more of in the business of fashion.

Thank you we will be forever better because of YOU!
check out www.bbdakota.com to see the cool NEW site

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One Response to #ITSONLYFASHION – The NEW Girl POWER Movement started by BB Dakota

  1. Brittany says:

    I love this too! The point of fashion is self expression and FUN! I love that BB Dakota is taking a moment to remind people of this! :)

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