Like, Know, Get it to your closet!

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Have you been wondering what all this Like to Know stuff is about? Confused on how YOU can like it, and then know? Well Chivvistyles is loving being a part of Like it to Know and we’ll let you in on the not-so-secret new obsession!


The name says it all: when you’re signed up for Like to Know you are able to like a photo on Instagram or through the Like to Know website and then receive the info on how and where to buy! It is as simple as that to shop the looks in the Chivvistyles Instagram!

Here is how to get started:

Firstly, get signed up for Like to Know through the Like to know  website using just your email address. iPhone_1

From there, sign into Instagram and authorize, and you’re all registered!

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You can follow the LiketoKnow account of fashion bloggers through the website or through Instagram, such as the Chivvistyles page or Instagram.

As you scroll through your feed, you’ll see photos tagged with Liketoknow with a link.




When you see  LiketoKnow in the caption, and you love the look you see, simply like the photo, and you’ll have the product info sent to your inbox and to your LiketoKnow account, easy as that!

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Once you have the product information then you can decide what to add to your closet or what you want to keep dreaming about. No pressure!

Now having the garments that you see your favorite fashionistas wearing are just a click and a Like away, so sign up today!

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