Nothing mellow about this years “Dress 4 yellow” event



Today I was lucky to attend the Dress 4 Yellow event at the Adolphus Hotel. My friend, Amy Tate invited me to be her guest at the Escada table. The show produced by Bret McKinney was amazeballs! The show featured vintage, contemporary designers, local designers like Izavel and Ashard Richley to the legendary Escada. It was a great mix to keep the ladies on the edge of their seats. Here are my favorites from the show!






20130328-180252.jpgThat was me in my sunnies on my way home! I was so excited about the vintage long flower sweater I bought after the show. It was nice to be a lady who lunched! X0X0!

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  1. Love your sexy straight hair complete with highlights! What a fun event!!!

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