Obsessed: Nicole Kwon boutique


As a stylist, I shop for a living. I was in the west village shopping for a job after my shoot last week and happened upon a new boutique, Nicole Kwon Concept Store. I had read about it in www.dfwstyledaily.com earlier in the fall but hadn’t found the time to stop in and check it out. Well, as soon as I walked in the door I fell in love with Nicole Kwon and her amazing effortless chic style! I went from rack to rack, “Owwwing and Ahhing” over every item I touched! Pure fashion kismet was happening right before my eyes! Her sense of style is so beyond, yet so simple. The price points were impressive too. Her selection of designers are so unique and on top of that she is an established designer, www.nkwon.com. I had to leave to continue my shopping for my shoot the next day but vowed to come back and shop for myself!

Well, that I did today and after I got done in the dressing room my hands were shaking from all the excitement of all the mind blowing things I found to wear. I had to come home and blog about it because I am so incredibly inspired and also over-the-moon about having this boutique here in Dallas. It is like I went shopping in NY for the afternoon but without all the hassle.

Thank you, Nicole Kwon for choosing Dallas for your concept store, you have made my bank account smaller but my fashion heart forever thankful!

Nicole Kwon Concept Store, 3699 McKinney Ave.; 214-526-7000



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