Polish Dallas : the fashion show that prays together, stays together

I am so honored to be a part of this show and we had such a wonderful time and so many people who volunteered their time to make it such a success! There was standing room only and nearly all 400 seats were full! God is GREAT! I could write all about it, but it is so much more powerful to show through the lens of Randy Anderson. So here it is…

4-16-15 Polish Fash Show0029
Kat Armstrong, the director of POLISH dallas leading everyone in prayer before the fashion show. She asked us to “leave our mean girl at the door” because this show was to empower, encourage, inspire and bring women together! As I looked out into the crowd I thought to myself ” I wish the fashion world was more like this, women building each other up instead of tearing each other down some time.” Kat is such an incredible leader and created such a powerful positive spirit for the night.
4-16-15 Polish Fash Show0063

4-16-15 Polish Fash Show0066
4-16-15 Polish Fash Show0011

4-16-15 Polish Fash Show0081

4-16-15 Polish Fash Show0095
The beauty team led by Paige Anderson were incredible and nailed our inspiration to a tee! 4-16-15 Polish Fash Show0070

4-16-15 Polish Fash Show0108

4-16-15 Polish Fash Show0129

4-16-15 Polish Fash Show0012

4-16-15 Polish Fash Show0015

4-16-15 Polish Fash Show0023
The models for this show were all bloggers and they were so sweet and fun to work with. We were over organized so we had some time backstage to hang out, take selfies, eat sandwiches and more. The style team were ROCKSTARS as they helped get everyone in wardrobe and ready to walk the catwalk!4-16-15 Polish Fash Show0140

4-16-15 Polish Fash Show0148

4-16-15 Polish Fash Show0181
Kat and Catherine co-hosted the show so beautifully, they introduced each designer with grace and enthusiasm. As you can see I was backstage, giving the models the green light to make their debut! Kayla who is a professional ballerina opened the show with the most amazing dance, we didn’t announce it so it really surprised and captivated the audience right off the bat!4-16-15 Polish Fash Show0167

4-16-15 Polish Fash Show0214

4-16-15 Polish Fash Show0190
Milk and Honey was the first looks on the models. These were some of my favs.4-16-15 Polish Fash Show0245

4-16-15 Polish Fash Show0257

4-16-15 Polish Fash Show0268
Next up was the Abi Ferrin looks, and again some of fav looks.4-16-15 Polish Fash Show0286

4-16-15 Polish Fash Show0294

4-16-15 Polish Fash Show0298

4-16-15 Polish Fash Show0301

4-16-15 Polish Fash Show0328

4-16-15 Polish Fash Show0314

4-16-15 Polish Fash Show0310

4-16-15 Polish Fash Show0303
Lucy Dang closed the show and I LOVE HER!4-16-15 Polish Fash Show0347

4-16-15 Polish Fash Show0345

4-16-15 Polish Fash Show0320
The finale was awesome and we recognized all the team that helped make this show an absolute success! Thank you POLISH dallas it was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to do it again next year! Thank you Jesus for POLISH dallas it is such a needed ministry!

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