The Secret Weapon in Your Closet


It is effective, it gets the job done, it says so much about you, and it can definitely be deadly. No ammunition needed here, we’re taking about the LBD, little black dress.” You hear fashion people frequently put this on the top of their “must haves in every woman’s closet” lists, and their is a reason: well, it IS a must have. With Valentine’s day around the corner, we all need a reminder that we can totally not wear a confections, saccharine, hue and still look fab for whatever we do on that lovely or not so lovely day!

Let’s break it down. The concept of the LBD was influenced by of course the Queen of Chic, Coco Chanel in the 1920’s and that’s what makes this a classic, “must have”.


Lets REALLY break it down:

The little part is not in terms of the size, all sizes need an LBD, but more in terms of length and because when you put little in front of a phrase it’s pretty darling.

Daily Look!

If you do not know this already, we will reiterate it for you: Black is super flattering. It has magical powers that make you look and feel slimmer and when you stare in the mirror you think, “why do I not always wear head to toe black?”

We all have formal and not so formal events that we must, and want to attend and when we have a dress in our closet for such events it makes life easier when, for instance; we are told at the last minute, do not want to go and do not want to buy something new, have no time, or stained the outfit we planned on wearing while eating pizza in preparation for the event. Whatever the reason, having this piece forever in your arsenal makes life so much easier.


Choosing a dress that fits you like a glove and makes you feel confident is the key here. Just any dress that happens to be black and maybe “little” does not qualify. It must be the perfect dress. They exist. Sometimes it means hunting a little bit, but in the end the benefits pay off. Choose something that fits your lifestyle; maybe you want to be able to throw a leather jacket over it and wear it on a more casual night? Maybe you want to be able to transition it to all seasons?

The LBD is your best friend and can be the most versatile piece in your wardrobe. Find a classic and one that you truly love. Find your weapon and wield it wisely!


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