The Streets Have No Name

I got to work out of a studio today that is in Deep Ellum. I shot with a great group of artists and talent. It was a really quick shoot but a fun one! Every time I go to Deep Ellum I get an overwhelming feeling of loss and nostalgia! It makes me feel old! I remember when I used to shop for velvet burnout babydoll dresses in the 90’s, go to TREES to hear Jackopierce , hang out on the roof of The Green Room with my fellow actors and listen to slam poetry at The Gypsy Room in deep Ellum. In those days, I used to dream I would run into Edie Brickell on the street. I left Dallas in 2001 for hollywood and returned in 2008. When I got back it was a ghost town, I could NOT believe it.

I just feel badly for the younger generations that don’t get to experience how rich the music and art scene used to be here in Deep Ellum. It was a very good time to be in Dallas and experience such a strong community of people who were really devoted to their art. There was no yuppy 30k dollar millionaire scene in uptown or the douchey Dallas party scene. It was a real authentic artistic community that existed and thrived. I even performed a time or two in a couple of small theaters at the time. But the good news is that it is coming back to life, slowly but surely. There are some new great places who have set up shop, great artists creating amazing things and there are a couple survivors from all the “urbanization” that killed it in the early 2000’s.

Nonetheless, I love being down there and creating great art through editorials with my friends!

Until next time, I will leave my platforms and my velvet choker in Deep Ellum!

Sergio Garcia- Photographer

Craig thomas- Lights

Ricky Flores- Makeup & Hair

Adrian – Model from Kim Dawson

Leslie henderson- Styling Intern

Me- styling


J nay nay

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