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TREND NEXT is fast approaching on November 23 and I wanted to highlight each designer each week in my blog! I am so excited to be working with such an amazing group of creatives on this show. As well as, giving back to the community in raising money for Baylor Hospital.

Today, I finally got to meet Andre and Luis at their studio. I was instantly captivated by their extraordinary taste level in designs and fabrications. They were so extremely organized with how their “designer capsule” was going to go in our upcoming show. Their love for what they do is apparent in their collection and their professionalism.

With more than 25 years combined bridal and formal wear design experience, partners Luis Nazario and Andre Yabin launched Dallas based Binzario Couture in 2007. Binzario Couture offers a personalized custom wedding dress design experience and an extraordinary ready-to-wear gowns for brides from coast to coast. They are also expanding into evening gowns and will be premiering some evening looks at TREND NEXT.

The duo have captivated the fashion press, including 360 West, Paper City, Indulge Magazine, Dark Beauty magazine, D Weddings, FreshMeet, En Vie Magazine and more. ”Our signature style is simple, architecturally streamlined and thoroughly elegant-which would attract almost any woman.”

Meet The Designers

Luis Nazario:

Designer Luis Nazario was born and raise in the island of Puerto Rico where his first steps in the design industry started. At an early age, Nazario had a passion to expand his knowledge in design. At the age of 15, while Nazario’s peers played basketball and video games, Nazario, instead was on a quest for a successful future. “I felt that I was born to design.”

Not really sure at the time what area of design he wanted to pursue, Nazario attended JoseMantanez Genaro – Manati, PR and obtained a BAS in Graphic Design Communications. Even after receiving his degree, his quest continued. He established a relationship with a friend who owned a boutique, Tiempo de Nino, specializing in high-end couture children’s clothing. Nazario found himself visiting the boutique rather frequently; not only to provide his marketing graphic services for the boutique, but he became more and more intrigued about the way clothing was designed and constructed. His new found interest stimulated a pivotal moment in his life; Nazario decided to further his education and experience in the fashion industry. Nazario landed position at several high end boutiques in the PR area, designing formal gowns and providing difficult alteration services. Nazario’s dream was to establish a successful alterier to house his couture bridal and formal collections. His dream came true; he and his partner, Andre Yabin launched Binzario Couture in 2007, bringing 20+ years of sewing experience to the company, where they have made many bride’s dreams come true. Nazario oversee the precise construction of the one-of-a-kind gowns, alterations and restyling and the ready-to-wear-collection samples.

Andre Yabin:

Andre Yabin was born February 19, 1978, in Philadelphia, PA. Growing up in a religious, middle-class family, his mother’s love of fashion influenced what has become a passion! The journey through fashion started during his middle school home economics class. It was that class that sparked an interest in millinery fashion and the practical concepts of sewing. During his early academic years, countless time was spent designing and making hats. “I could not function in my classes because I was daydreaming about the next hat design.” At the age of 16, the young entrepreneur began marketing his uniquely designed hats across the US to women associated with his religious reformation.

Yabin’s passion for design was apparent at an early age. He decided to explore some of his interests, such as architecture, graphic design, music, photography and fashion. He studied architecture at Philadelphia University, and earned a BS in digital design, with a concentration in architecture. After college, he landed a position with The Prisco Group, an architecture design firm, specializing in educational facility design. Yabin was hired as one of the lead digital designers for the Microsoft School of the Future Project, Philadelphia, PA.

Yabin was offered an opportunity to relocate to Dallas, in 2005, for an architectural design position at Jonathan Bailey Associates. After working a year or so, the former architectural designer decided to shelve his successful career. He decided that he wanted to follow his passion, fashion. He furthered his education in fashion and partnered with fashion designer, Luis Nazario to form a luxury fashion house, Binzario Couture. Now as head designer of Binzario Couture, Yabin designs one-of-a-kind gowns and the ready-to-wear-collections with the brides’ sense of femininity in mind.

What a blessing to have them as one of our premiere designers for our event!
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