Trend Next Designer : Recreation Clothing Label – Luxury with an edge!


Natalia Marova, the designer and brain child behind Recreation, has always had an appreciation for the aesthetic qualities of living. As a young girl, born in Moscow and growing up in Kazakhstan, she was exposed to a world of culture, art and European sensibilities. Like so many Russian girls, she was drawn to the ballet and in her teen years, she became enamored with fashion. Her mother and father were very influential in educating Natalya on the finer aspects of living, lessons taken to heart.

From her travels throughout Europe, vacationing in St Tropez and Paris, and from a drive to excel in creative arts, Natalia was well prepared for a career in fashion. Her experiences in large cities would pave the way for a design direction that embraces a rich luxurious and vibrant history mixed with a modern edge. Her travels to San Francisco and Vancouver have greatly influenced her appreciation of diversity and the unorthodox.

“I believe that to honor one’s history, one woven with luxury and pride, is the foremost expression of art. Secondly, my experiences in travel serve as the perfect launching point to incorporate my design instincts and imbue them with historical perspective.” – Natalia Marova


Inspiration takes many shapes and forms. The simplicity and purity of nature call to Natalia, as well as the complexity of woven threads and man-made fabrics. It’s the balance of opposing forces that fascinates and inspires emulation. The recurring theme of juxtaposing two different energies and ideas are manifested in Natalya’s design creation.

Natalia studied at SMU in Dallas and worked in various creative marketing capacities, an experience that would pave the way for her own creations. After a few years in the workforce, her entrepreneurial spirit surfaced, and she knew she’d have to try something on her own. Recreation was borne in 2012, as Natalia mobilized a team to create her first line of apparel for women and men. The line captures the imagination of the urban dweller with a hunger for radiant luxury and refinement.


We are so honored to debut her line, Recreation at TREND NEXT! Buy your tickets NOW!


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One Response to Trend Next Designer : Recreation Clothing Label – Luxury with an edge!

  1. Luxury with edge indeed……

    Nice Blog Article Jeanette and Horray to Recreation. It is such a pleasure to have you on the trend Next Runway.

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