what do ponytails, statement earrings and necklaces and being part of a couple have in common?????



So we all know the Oscars were last night and we all have our favorite looks. Above are some of my top looks of the night. Overall, everyone was extremely safe and the carpet was pretty tame. What blew me away were the sub trends that were happening and that is what we are going to talk about here. Only because everyone beats the “BEST DRESSED” list to death and we are all real tired of hearing about all that :)>

So my first Sub Trend was PONYTAILS:
Now, this is such a fresh way to polish your look but still look young and sexy. It can be slicked, middle parted, messy front, high pony or low pony…..any old way to do a pony will do…

Second sub trend was STATEMENT EARRINGS:
Any pony will do as long as you have a serious statement earring game, even if they are different earrings on each ear or an ear cuff like Scarlett….we haven’t seen earrings like this since DYNASTY was the hottest show on TV.

Third sub trend was STATEMENT NECKLACES:
From vintage to modern Parisian green crystal choker …statement necklaces were on everyone and sometimes paired back with huge statement earrings …..throw out the layered minimal necklaces and nearly nothing there necks because BIG IS BACK, BABY!

Fourth sub trend was COUPLED:
Now this is harder to achieve unless you have a bevy of beautifully buff men hanging out in your closet just waiting to be your new accessory, so you might have to work a little harder to achieve this sub trend but I have confidence all you fabulous women can land you some man candy to finish up your red carpet look. The looks should compliment each other for sure for this to work.

Now you have it folks, so go out and make it happen and tell them CHIVVISTYLES sent you…..xoxoxo

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