What Does Italy & Dallas have in Common?

If you didn’t know, this last week has been ITALIAN Fashion week in the Big D! This past wednesday night, I had the pleasure of attending the “Stella Jean” fashion show!

Jan Strimple did an amazing job on producing the show. Her shows NEVER disappoint!

Stella Jean is an Italian-Haitian designer who lives in Rome. Her show was full of vibrant bold prints mixed with exaggerated shapes from head to toe!

Her 50’s style is so unique because of the prints she chooses and the over exaggerated shapes she designs.

The show was so minimal with no set and I don’t even remember the music, because I was in a complete fashion trance as I watched look after look transport me to another time and place!

I also love to see all the beautiful models I know and have worked with on the runway tearing it up!

After the show, they passed out headphones for a “silent disco.” I had never been to a silent disco, but learned the headphones have a couple of channels with different DJ’s playing on each one. It was so much fun!

I went with my friends, Randy and Paige Anderson and Ashli Vondara. I had bought this fab 50’s long jacket from Dolly Python for a shoot I recently styled, so I decided to take it back retro style for the show.

I had a couple of Italians kiss me and tell me in Italian how much they loved my look. I was stoked to meet alot of the talented Italians and get such a great compliment from them! I love their style!

How blessed that we had such an amazing opportunity to see such gorgeous designers from Italy! Thank you for coming to the Big D! Y’all come back soon, ya hear! Ciao!


All pictures courtesy of Randy Anderson.

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