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I recently got to interview the coolest and most brilliant fashionistas in Dallas, Andrea Isom and Nina Lowe the owners of Front Door Fashion . Front Door Fashion was started by founders Nina Lowe and Andrea Isom out of their own need for convenience and help with personal style. As busy professionals with active lifestyles, Nina and Andrea had no time for shopping and fell into a rut of wearing the same old things. On their long runs they would discuss this problem and creative ways to solve it, which led to developing a company where everyone could access a professional stylist and amazing outfits were delivered right to the customer’s front door.

Today Front Door Fashion works with over 40 major brands and professional stylists to bring unparalleled service, convenience and amazing style to every customer. They recently expanded to a beautiful new office located in the design district in Dallas, Texas where customers can book appointments to meet their stylist in person and leave with expertly styled outfits.



Jeanette : What makes FDF different than other styling services in Dallas?

FDF: First, our personal styling services are free. Our customers fill out a detailed online profile where we ask questions about the customer’s body type, sizes and style preferences and our professional stylists develop a wardrobe specifically tailored to each individual. We can ship the individually wrapped looks with styling tips to our customer’s doorstep free of charge or they can book a style session to meet one-on-one with their own personal stylist.

Jeanette : What is the coolest thing about eachother (nina answer for andrea and andrea answer for nina):)

FDF: There are so many cool things about Nina! One of the coolest things though is that she’s a killer spin instructor and I get the benefit of having my own personal trainer of sorts to motivate me to work out harder than I ever would on my own. She’s also incredibly smart and driven and I’m very blessed to be in this business with her.

Andrea is the best person I could ever imagine working with. Seriously. She’s hilarious, one of the hardest workers I’ve ever met – a total package person. I don’t think there’s a single day that goes by where I don’t consciously think about how glad I am to work with her.


Jeanette : How do you pick stylists for your company? Who are your stylists and what are their backgrounds?

FDF: We look for professional stylists with great resumes in fashion and experience with styling individuals. While they each have their own unique creativity, they all must be able to style to the tastes and preferences of each individual customer. Being a new business, it’s also important that each stylist have integrity and be someone we just enjoy being around.
– Tara McCray graduated from FIDM and lived abroad, working as a buyer for a boutique in Ireland. She has experience in fashion merchandising with a focus on contemporary lines and was most recently a contemporary consultant for Tootsie’s where she helped outfit customers.
– Shirin Askari was on season 6 of Project Runway and is launching a new line of her own “Askari.” She loves combining her love for designing with her talent for styling.
– Tor Matthey graduated from Parsons in New York and has styled for Net-a-Porter and worked for Bergdorf Goodman and The Camuto Group in visuals. She also has experience styling with TopShelf Clothes in NYC and ModeWalk in California.

Jeanette: What qualifies a designer to be a part of FDF styling lounge assortment?

FDF: We look for a mix of well-known labels like Nicole Miller, Citizens of Humanity, Amanda Uprichard, Joe’s Jeans, designers that are not as widely accessible like Jens Pirate Booty and Torn by Rono Kobo and local Dallas designers like Askari, Sonya Renee and Recreation Label. We also look for a mix of price ranges and styles to meet the needs of a wide variety of clients.




Jeanette: Where do you see your company growing in the next 6 months?

FDF: With the opening of our new Design District Style Studio, we see growth in our in-person style sessions. It’s such a unique and special experience for our customers in Dallas who are able to develop a relationship with their own personal stylist. It’s also a great place to bring a group of girlfriends who can book our private lounge and sip champagne while trying on custom-styled outfits.

Jeanette: How does a client sign up for the style lounge? what advantage does it have over ordering a box?

FDF: You can sign up for a style session on our web site or by going directly to The customer begins by filling out the style profile and then choosing “Request a Style Session” in their account profile. We provide the same level of service and attention to each box order that we do in-person style sessions. But there is certainly added value coming into a private lounge with champagne, wine, coffee and nibbles while a stylist helps you try on your custom curated looks and teaches you their tips and tricks to look your very best. We also provide different options for in-person style sessions so the customer gets the most out of their time with us. With both box orders and style sessions, the customer is able to develop a relationship with their personal stylist for any wardrobe need.


Thank you to Andrea and Nina for creating such a brilliant fashion business and for delivering such an amazing service and the coolest styles to our front door! To learn more about how to use this fabulous service go to Front Door Fashion and get started on your FDF journey!

Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays to you ALL!

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